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Sinai in peace

South Egypt

Don't get it wrong on this wannabe paradise. Sinai is pure beauty, pure silence. It is a moment out of space and time, that would almost make you forget that you are in a country that profoundly disrespect women.


In Sinai, you order a local meal, and have time to forget about it when it suddenly comes in like a surprise.


In Sinai, you have time to think. To tear your thoughts appart. To clean it all, and decide to start something new. In Sinai, you're isolated. Unless you travel there for Pessah, Rosh Hashana, or any other jewish holiday.


Nomads in there are the nicest person you will meet in Egypt. They live their best life that's for sure. But here again, do not get it wrong. They do not appreciate you, consider you, respect you. They understand that you're a client here bringing so much money in.

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